Ruby on Rails developers can make apps too!

Objective-C might be scary, but RubyMotion is made for developer happiness


I've been a Rails developer for about 4 years now, then one day in 2011, while working with a start up, I was driven to develop the iPhone app, our product, with no experience! I had been learning Objective-C and iOS development, but I was still so put off by the language.

I kept on working with Rails, as well as occasionally doing an app here and there, until... RubyMotion came along! I've walked both paths, always preferring my lovely Ruby code. Suddenly with RubyMotion I could take my Ruby code to iOS (and now OS X too), then accompanied by the rapidly expanding community, RubyMotion is growing fast, just as Rails did.

Now I'm teaching people about RubyMotion over at MotionInMotion, but there is still a great deal of Rails, as well as many other Ruby developers, out there that need help understanding how developing apps to put on Apple's App Stores works. Many are looking for a way to be able to think of iOS and OS X development in a similar fashion to their Rails development. So I'm going to show you how, and you pay what you want to get to learn.

Pre-Order and Pay What You Want

It's a no-nonsense deal, you select the amount you want to pay, anything between $1 to $1000, completely up to you. In return, you'll get the parts of the book as it's written, and the final version upon it’s completion. Pre-ordering, but you choose the price.

Once the book is released, I'm going to set the price of the book to be the most frequently paid price for each package, which if you're wondering which package to choose from, read the description of the two below.

If you're interested, but not entirely certain yet, maybe just pay $10, then as you start getting updated with the book as it's written, if you decide it's worth a greater amount, you can pay more, or if you're unhappy, you can read more about refunds below.

I have been sending updates out regularly with rough copies of where I am up to, and will continue to do so for everyone that pre-orders. The book is progressing further everyday. When you pre-order or sign up to the email list, you will get a copy of the sample chapter within an hour.

287 people have pre-ordered so far!
Am mc vs dc ae

If you pay $1 to $49

Only want the book, pay any price, and you'll get the book as well as the source code, starting you on your journey to understanding how to develop iOS and OS X applications using RubyMotion!

I'll show you straightforward ways to look at iOS and OS X development from a Rails point of view, but don't worry, though it will be an effortless journey, this won't be just an introductory book.

Formats: PDF, ePub, and Mobi

If you pay over $50

If you choose this package, not only are you further supporting me in helping the community, but I'll also be giving you screencasts that I'll make to go along with this book and take things beyond the confines of text!

You'll get the same "easy to follow but certainly not lacking the details" book, though you will be able to dive deeper into the topics covered, by watching these screencasts.

Formats: MP4, PDF, ePub, and Mobi


When you start getting the book as it's written, if you decide you're just not happy with it, you can feel safe knowing I'll give you a 100% refund up to 30 days after the final version is released. All you have to do is email, let me know why you're displeased with it, and I'll refund your payment straight away, no further questions asked.

Tell you what, even better, so you know it's safe, here is my mobile number: +614 23 009 846. It's an Australian number. Now you can be absolutely sure that if I run off with your money, you can call me and abuse me about it, though of course I would never do that :)

Feedback & Ideas

Got some feedback to share with me? Want to get in touch and tell me what you're interested in learning? Perhaps tell me what you've found difficult about learning RubyMotion or iOS/OS X development in the past? Send an email to and share all your thoughts!

If you're wanting some help right now, and really need someone to bounce questions or ideas off, you can send me an email for that as well. I'm frequently getting emails from the community asking questions, as well as helping them sort out problems they've been having. Feel free to use me as a RubyMotion help desk.

Getting in touch

There is plenty of ways to contact me, check out what I do or what I've done, send me your ideas, get help from me, maybe even hire me! Here is a list of all the ways you can reach out to me.